The Riverview Hotel in Smithtown is located right on the bank of the Macleay River

The perfect place for you to arrive by car or boat for a quiet beer with mates or a amazing meal with family and friends.

Directions from South West Rocks
1. Drive South on Gregory St, SWR
Travel 1.8km
2. At the roundabout - take the 2nd exit onto Gregory St, Travel 1.2km
3. Continue along South West Rocks Rd, Travel 1.1km
4. Turn right at Plummers La, Jerseyville Travel 6.4km
5. Turn left at Summer Island Rd,
Rainbow Reach Travel 9.1km
6. Continue along Croads Esp,
Summer Island Travel 0.6km
7. Bear right at Main St, Smithtown
Travel 39m
8. Arrive at Main St, Smithtown
Sub Total 20.2km
End Smithtown Riverview Hotel
2-12 Fitzgerald Ave, Smithtown.

Directions from Hat Head
1. Start at bridge entrance to town Travel 10.6km
2. Turn left at SWR Rd, Kinchela Travel 4.9km
3. Turn right at Main Rd, Gladstone
Travel 0.7km
4. Turn left at Rawson St, Smithtown
Travel 0.1km
5. Turn left at Main St, Smithtown
Travel 0.2km
6. Turn right at Fitzgerald Av, Smithtown Travel 0.1km
End Smithtown Riverview Hotel
2-12 Fitzgerald Ave, Smithtown.\

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